Love Poems For Him
09.02.2016 / 18.28 pm
by Anonymous
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On a day like this that i treasure so dearly
I write this poem because you are so dear to me
How can you not like this day?
When my heart tingles when you look this way...
A smile from you
Molds me like clay
I can't help but give you my best
Perhaps in life this is my test
To know what a real woman looks like
I stare at her
Yet she doesn't know
Blinded by the fact that her face just glows
A blush that i cannot even see
O... i just wish that you and i could be
Face with a fact that is just not mine
If i can't have you then i might as well go blind
For i only have eyes for you
You, mother nature
and i am father time
On this beautiful day made by God above
Just want to wish you
A Happy Birthday Love

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